'A third of all IT professionals cannot say whether or not their organisation has ever suffered a breach'

Ross Brewer MD Log Rhythm


There's a very good reason why Ascot Barclay Group are busy building new video games….


GAMIFICATION is a loosely used term (first coined in 2002) that refers to the application of game design elements and techniques to non-game contexts.
There is a lot of debate afoot as to how effective or not the approach can be and there are good arguments both for and against the concept.

Ascot Barclay Group have run a series of studies with our clients and select volunteers that point clearly to common behavioural and belief issues amongst staff at all levels that cannot be changed using traditional training techniques. We have been experimenting with various game models as a means of helping people:

Understand risk
Identify threats around them
Relate human interaction to cyber issues
Protect themselves and their personal data
Understand corporate data dimensions
Protect the corporate data they are responsible for
Communicate with each other in a way that helps groups surface / manage threats


All of these studies point unequivocally to the power games have to raise education levels across the enterprise to effect significant changes amongst staff of all levels.

There are challenges:
We all enjoy slightly different game themes
We all tend to learn in different ways
There is no one size fits all


The pressing need to get everyone to wake up to the rising cyber threat means we simply have to get this nailed. We have found games specifically designed for the purpose of education tend to be (using cautious language here) absolutely rubbish when compared with the exceptional standards we have come to expect of video games.
So our current research work is to find the ideal medium and we are close; very close. Without giving too much away Gordie Ross who heads ABG Creative Learning has been working with Tim Vincent and Sir Kevin Tebbit on a game codenamed 'Quartermaster' and here are some of the concept threads that you might enjoy.

GORDIE - please talk us through the plot:

Jodie Stewart the estranged daughter of a wealthy city fund manager who wants to get back at her father and ruin him, by hitting him in the pocket where it will hurt him most.
Jodie is a former public school girl who having been given the finest education money can buy, including a Cambridge Computer Science and Classics Graduate is angry that is her father cares more for money than for her.
Jodie starts with petty cracking and hacking and progresses to ever more serious attacks, finally realising that her father has cut off contact and hidden her from a Crime syndicate that is extorting his services.
The British intelligence services are monitoring everything and finally recruit Jodie to track her father... who has gone missing, taking vital information about the British banking system with him (CH. 2)

We are KICK STARTING the series in 2017 and we'd welcome your membership. Follow the action and join the fun as we develop QHARTERMASTER by


for a feel of the GAMEPLAY
check broken sword here

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